Past Intelligent System Projects

"An Unknown Lady" (I.Kramskoy, 1883), thought to be an inspiration for Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina


Artificial Neural Network pre-Attentive Eye

Sponsor: NASA

Pre-attentive vision model based on Hopfield recurrent neural network for saliency computation using rotating linear segments (rotors) and Gestalt principles of proximity and co-circularity. 

Used to locate faint echo traces in images of remote radio sensing of the Earth's plasma (projects CORPRAL and ARTIST)


COgnitive Rpi Plasmagram Ranking ALgorithm

Sponsor: NASA

Visual data prospecting system to locate remarkable images of active radio sensing containing traces of signal propagating in the Earth magnetosphere recorded by Radio Plasma Imager on NASA IMAGE mission. 


Automatic Real-Time Ionogram Scaler with True height

Sponsor: Digisonde community

Expert ionogram interpretation and scaling system for Digisonde ionospheric sounder.


Mission plan Editor for Radio Plasma Imager

Sponsor: NASA

Rule-based intelligent mission planning tool

ESPAS Domain Ontology

near Earth SPAce data infrastructure for e-Science

Sponsor: European Union FP7

Space physics domain ontology of vocabulary terms for an intelligent event annotation service.


Non-linear Error Correction Technique for Associative Restoration

Sponsor: LDI / International Reference Ionosphere Real-Time task force

A compressed sensing method for restoration of missing data in sparse sensor networks based on associative neural network optimizer.


Global Assimilative Model of Bottomside Ionosphere Timelines

Sponsor: LDI / International Reference Ionosphere Real-Time task force

Global model of ionospheic plasma distribution based on NECTAR method of data gap restoration in sparse international ionosonde sensor network. 

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