Aurora Borealis as seen from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA

We specialize in intelligent system design, operation, and presentation

Intelligent Systems (IS)

def. A branch of computational science and information technology research that aims to replicate various aspects of human intelligence.

IS research areas include:

  • Autonomous systems
  • Data Discovery and Understanding
  • Collaborative and Assistant systems

Borealis Designs' primary field of expertise is Intelligent Data Understanding

Pre-attentive Vision

def. A biological system for unconscious collection and processing of visual information in living organisms, capable of detecting outstanding events in the visual environment to trigger attention-driven or unconscious actions.

Computer models of the pre-attentive vision are developed to autonomously detect an outstanding event in visual data and cue attention of humans.

Image Prospecting

Pre-attentive vision models are efficient tools for autonomous image prospecting in which an intelligent system seeks presence of salient features in incoming image frames. 

Hubel and Wiesel (1981):  Nobel Prize for research of saliency computation in the brain cortex. Bio-plausible saliency algorithms are used in numerous autonomous applications, e.g., Asimo Robot.     

Expert IS 

Expert intelligent systems are designed to replicate human reasoning about available information using a domain knowledge base and an inference engine.

Borealis Designs specializes in Interpretation Expert IS that infer situation descriptors from available sensor data. 

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